Time to detox? How about doing a technology and digital detox this year!

Time to detox? How about doing a technology and digital detox this year!

It’s time to try and manage our Christmas and festive period over-indulgences by getting back into shape and embracing the year to come.  The start of a new year always brings promise and a glimmer of hope with it and it’s important that we give our body and mind the chance to shed the heaviness off the past year and reflect our new-found optimism

The New Year is about new horizons, new possibilities, aspirations and plans! However, a lot of our plans often get side-lined by life’s busyness or our failure to find enough time and energy to commit to them.

Sometimes it’s because we fail to spot what’s really causing the chaos and confusion in our lives and prioritise choices that just prolong our same old habits and ways rather than cutting through the clutter and baggage in our lives in a direct and transformative way.

It’s this baggage that often prevents us from feeling and living in a way that allows our hearts to feel free, optimistic and happy.

And let’s face it, no matter who we are, it would be nice to feel that way!

The way that our world has changed (and is continuing to change) so rapidly is one of the reasons that we are struggling to keep up and identify choices that feel supportive and promising.  We’re now living in a complex world of social media, political and global turmoil and perpetual connectedness with one another which at times, if not always, is rather overwhelming.

I’m not sure any of us are designed to live at such a pace and become divorced from our more natural rhythms and cycles.

Much of when we heal most deeply is when we manage to find moments in which we lose sight of our problems and issues and can just ‘be’ a bit more.

But such moments, that used to be plentiful and embedded into our daily rhythms, have now become crowded out with a lot of constant noise and bombardment from various aspects of our lives. 

We can now be reached 24/7 on a device that we carry in our pockets all day long, and we are constantly being exposed to media, stories and world events.  

As opposed to not so long ago, we now aren’t able to go home and enjoy down time with friends and family at the end of a long day.  This is no longer time spent un-contactable by the outside world and work, and we’re never not thinking about our social presence in the eyes of others. Being able to spend time on a daily basis just being in nature is so important! Enjoying a very simple experience of being alive rather than living in a digital and virtual landscape, which is driven by constant searching and comparing and the desire for intense peak experiences.

The cumulative effect on these new and recent technological developments is, in all probability, having a profound effect on the ways we live, work and exist.

In turn this impacts our minds and bodies in some pretty fundamental and negative ways; constantly locking us into stress-filled mind states and not letting us have time out to enter a state of being which is perhaps more meaningful.

In the two years that people have coming here to Llethrau, perhaps the most consistent feedback we get from customers of all ages, genders, and personalities is how nice and refreshing it is to be somewhere with very limited phone signal, and no wifi in individual accommodations (we do have a centralised wi-fi cafe), and to just unwind in an area of outstanding natural beauty and connectedness.  Often we hear this even if they’ve been a bit nervous about leaving all of it behind for a weekend. 

Just having some time out from the complexities of the modern world and all life’s struggles can do so much to bringing some clarity and much needed vitality back into one’s life. It helps us to reconnect to how we really feel, and who we really are. Llethrau is a fantastic place to make some really good decisions about the year ahead and the opportunities, and the promise it could bring. So this year come and do a digital detox at the Llethrau and see where it takes you.

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